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The magic has been bottled.  Our feature length doc that tells the story of one man and many dreams is now available on DVD and we couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for all of your support, and the film is inspiring and getting rave reviews.  Please consider buying a copy to support the arts and this production.

If you ever wanted to live your dream or recapture the magic of life, this film is for you.

Sayonara to Hello is a documentary about living your dreams.  Many times childhood dreams get set aside for the realities of life such as paying bills, taking care of others and obstacles that are set in front of us.

S2H is, at its core, the story of one man’s journey. Steve Marshall wanted to be a professional magician since he received his first magic trick as a christmas present when he was eight years old.

He has been a professional magician since we was 16 years old, performing magic for guests in the lounge of his local Holiday Inn in Florida.

That was 1981.  It’s now 2012 and Steve is still living his dream, no matter how hard it has been at times. And 2011 was hard.  His adopted country, Japan, was hit with a devastating earthquake, tsunami and aftershocks. Steve and his family were safe, but much of his work dried up.  Steve needed a plan to keep working.

S2H focuses on the travels of Professional Magician Steve Marshall as he returned to the US after fourteen years of living and performing in Japan’s best showrooms and on television.  Steve embarked on a month long east coast tour performing and giving lectures. Many of his routines were presented for the first time in English.

Joining Steve on this journey was his mentor, fellow performer Billy Scadlock.  Billy is a clown, Charlie Chaplin impersonator and mime.  On this trip he added to his resume the jobs of tour manager and driver.

Filmmaker Nic Beery documented this trip, but went way beyond the tour and performances themselves.  The film searches for what it takes to live a dream that originated in an eight year old boy 40 years ago.  How that decision has shaped Steve, what sacrifices he has made and how live performers are finding fewer and fewer places to perform in today’s hi-tech world.

Finally, the route Steve took during the tour was almost the same one he and filmmaker Nic Beery took in 1984 when they first met as clowns with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The documentary will feature archival footage of that tour and discuss what thirty years of life will do to you.

The tour and shoot was from September 3rd to October 1st, 2011.

Available online HERE.