Beery Media spent part of the summer in the Swamps of rural North Carolina producing, “Selling Out Sampson County” with The Dogwood Alliance. This is a powerful and moving short film that takes us high above, to right down into the swamps and forests of North Carolina, highlighting the potential loss of our state’s beauty.

“Communities across the Southern US are no stranger to extractive industries that threaten their health and quality of life. A new video, “Selling Out Sampson County” by Dogwood Alliance investigates the impact that the latest threat, wood pellet manufacturing, has on the rural South and inspires people around the region to organize to stop this growing threat.

It is an all too familiar story. New industries approach local governments promising jobs and assorted economic benefits; instead, they extract natural resources, damage the environment, bring just a handful of low-paying jobs, degrade the economic vitality of the area and impact public health and community well-being for decades.”

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Special thanks to Chris Medico of Land Yacht Media for drone and sound assistance on this production.