Saving our Forests


Beery Media spent part of the summer in the Swamps of rural North Carolina producing, “Selling Out Sampson County” with The Dogwood Alliance. This is a powerful and moving short film that takes us high above, to right down into the swamps and forests of North Carolina, highlighting the potential loss of our state’s beauty.

“Communities across the Southern US are no stranger to extractive industries that threaten their health and quality of life. A new video, “Selling Out Sampson County” by Dogwood Alliance investigates the impact that the latest threat, wood pellet manufacturing, has on the rural South and inspires people around the region to organize to stop this growing threat.

It is an all too familiar story. New industries approach local governments promising jobs and assorted economic benefits; instead, they extract natural resources, damage the environment, bring just a handful of low-paying jobs, degrade the economic vitality of the area and impact public health and community well-being for decades.”

Learn More –

Special thanks to Chris Medico of Land Yacht Media for drone and sound assistance on this production.

“My Dumb Face” Completes Principal Photography


untitled (74 of 113)

Our BIG film production for the summer, the powerful and wonderful “MY DUMB FACE” has completed it’s five days and nights of principal photography. Starring Mary Guthrie as Alyson Brown, a 30 year old genius who’s an emotional mess, “MY DUMB FACE” is a short film that packs a feature length whollop.

Filmed in and around Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Apex, NC by award winning Director of Photography Martin Brown, day and night, inside and outside, filming presented challenges and solutions. The cast and crew where stellar. Check out the photos in this post and visit our “MY DUMB FACE” page for more HERE.

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The ReCYCLEry – Changing lives one revolution at a time


Our mini-documentary, “The ReCYCLEry – Island of Misfit Toys“, recently screened at the Arc Light Theater in Los Angeles. The story of a Do It Yourself bike shop where you can build and repair bikes for free, this doc shows how building community, friendships, and changing lives are also parts of the equation.

Now you can enjoy this four minute masterpiece online, for free, right now. We hope you enjoy it, maybe it will inspire you to check out The ReCYCLEry in Carrboro, NC, or a similar bike shop in your home town real soon.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.07.48 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.08.33 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.08.47 AM


“January” in June!



Beery Media is proud to present our latest short film for your enjoyment. “Stunning…A Magical Metaphor…Brilliant” – Eliza Marsalis, Film Faun NY. A chance encounter on a train changed their lives forever. JANUARY, A Classic Love Story With A Twist.
Shot over the course of three nights on Charlotte, NC’s Light Rail System, and in Winston-Salem, NC, our camera follows January and Grant as the get to know each other a little better. Featuring a unique device of no on camera dialogue, we hear the couple chatting as they end their evening walking through the late night city streets. Is it a relationship that’s meant to be? The viewer will be able to answer that question as the final credits roll.

Watch JANUARY now.

Starring Lydia Folckomer and Oliver Riera Produced, Written, Directed & Edited By Nic Beery, Director of Photography and Color by Matthew Krieg, Production Assistance by Simon Beery • Music by Grahame Davies and Milton Special Thanks to Jim Fink, Greg Dorchak, Ted Kopulos

Women’s Health Week PSA


IMG_4811 This is National Women’s Health Week, an annual observance led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health. The goal is to empower women to make their health a priority and help women understand what steps they can take to improve their health.

Beery Media continues its relationship with The American Sexual Health Association, ASHA, by producing the latest Women’s Health Public Service Announcement. The filming went seamlessly with a wonderful cast and crew in front and behind the camera. The result is an effective, informative short that offers help and guidance.


The PSA stars Dorothy Brown and is voiced by Elisabeth Lewis Corley.

Visit ASHA’s website today. They are the resource for sexual health information.

Full Frame 2015



Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.40.00 AM

Beery Media was once again honored to be a part of the 2015 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. This is the best Documentary film festival in the world. Powerful, moving, and charming Documentaries were screened over four days in spring in Durham, NC.

Special Thanks to Deirdre Haj and the staff at Full Frame for bringing such an important festival, films, and their filmmakers to our front yard each year.

This short film is what we saw and heard during the fest.

My Dumb Face!


10646768_10206584532880689_4121968730150591317_nBeery Media is embarking on a new production.

Now in pre-production, My Dumb Face is the new short film written by screenwriter Paul Sapp. Based on a story by award winning filmmaker Nic Beery, MDF is the powerful and emotional story of Aly, a thirty something woman who is a mental genius, sarcastic as hell, and an emotional mess.

Synopsis – It’s the crappiest night of ALY’s life. Mid-30s, her life lacking direction, she’s been all but abandoned by her mother for a psychotic step-dad—the same step-dad who left her stranded at a rural roadside bar. But when death metal promoter MARCUS steps up as her unlikely savior, the ensuing road trip leads ALY to a personal crossroads: Does she take a path of emotional retreat, or dare to fight for what matters?

We are not only in pre-production, seeking cast and crew via auditions, and discussions with the triangle’s best camera, sound, and lighting folks, we have begun our fundraising campaign. No kickstarter, no Indie-go-go, we have decided to build community, interest, and excitement by kicking it old school.

Yep, we are asking you do donate a single dollar bill. We are raising ten thousand dollars for this film. So we need 10,000 envelopes from supporters like you!  Please mail a buck to us at Beery Media, 209 Lloyd St., Ste. 340, Carrboro, NC 27510. Write your email and name on the back so we can keep in touch with you.


Visit our My Dumb Face site for more info.

Beery Media Award


AwardAwardCatherineBeery Media is honored to be the video production company that produced the award winning “Mayors Innovation Project” video with the Town of Chapel Hill.

Press Release: The Town of Chapel Hill wins 3CMA Awards • Recognized for Innovative Communications

The Town of Chapel Hill was recognized for communications excellence and received two national awards this month from the City-County Communications & Marketing Association (3CMA) during its annual conference in Minneapolis, Minn.

The SAVVY Awards competition recognizes outstanding local government achievements in communications, public-sector marketing and citizen-government relationships.

Judges recognized the entry “Mayors Innovation Project Video” for a Silver Circle Award in the TV and Video – Promotional Video category. The Town partnered with the Chapel Hill and Orange County Visitors Bureau, which funded the project and provided creative input; Beery Media of Carrboro on video production; and the Community Beat Making Lab at the Street Scene Teen Center, 179 E. Franklin St, on the music track. In the four-minute video, Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt and Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle provide an overview of the community and welcome message to visitors.

About the video, judges stated: ” Outstanding camera work and impressive variety of locations for such a short time with the mayor. The use of local music talent was a great touch, as was structuring the video to be used as a general visitor’s video as well. Very well done! Inviting, informative, and effective. Your mayor has “star” quality and appeal and this video showcased that with great results. Exciting and engaging. High production value – loved the mayor’s involvement in the project; great on-camera asset. Transitions were excellent. Great multi-use potential for promoting the Chapel Hill area.”

About The SAVVY Awards
Sponsored by the City-County Communications & Marketing Association (3CMA), the Savvy Awards competition recognizes outstanding local government achievements in communications, public-sector marketing and citizen-government relationships. The Savvies salute skilled and effective city, county, agency or district professionals who have creatively planned and carried out successful innovations in communications and marketing.

Safety, Health and Civil Engineers


It’s been a few months since we last posted from the edit suite. Things have been hopping! From in-depth stories on ethical behavior for The American Society of Civil Engineers, to being the Director of Photography on the Piper Kessler film, SPIN, the last few months have seen many magical moments for Beery Media. Here is just a sampling of what we’ve been up to and who we have been working with.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.32.40 AMASHA Women’s Health PSA – Starring Bethany Fannin and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.26.31 AMASCE Ethics Production – What went wrong with the Shuttle Challenger?

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.42.08 AMHearts Like Fists Stage Play Tease. Directed by Paul Sapp

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.41.04 AMThe Doug Largent Trio – Four music Videos

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.43.19 AMSecond Story Health – Medication Safety in Small and Rural Hospitals. Eight 20 minute episodes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.35.29 AMJohn Hadfield’s Original Wholesome One-Man Comedy Variety Show Promo

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.38.16 AMVPG, Environmental Health and Safety Orientation film

Spin Trailer, A Piper Kessler Film. Film shot by Beery Media. Trailer edited by Beery Media. Original music by Grahame Davies



American Sexual Health Association turns 100


What does a sexually healthy nation look like? In this new video produced as part of ASHA’s centennial celebration, a range of individuals, from experts in the field, to people on the street, try to answer that question, exploring how our views toward sex and sexuality have changed over the past century.

Learn more about ASHA’s 100th anniversary, our history, and the history of sexual health over the last 100 years at

ASHA 100 “What does a sexually healthy nation look like?”
Produced by

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