UNC Lineberger Cancer Center Videos


Beery Media is honored to have recently produced the video components for UNC Hospital’s new website, “Single Fathers Due to Cancer“. This important website looks at the effects losing a wife to cancer has on the family. Several amazing men opened up about their experiences, feelings, and the reality of being a single parent due to the death of their spouse.

The Lineberger Cancer Center program and website was recently featured on NBC’s TODAY show with this story by Dr. Nancy Snyderman. WATCH HERE.

It has also been featured on WRAL TV with a report by Debra Morgan. WATCH HERE.

Visit the site and view the Fathers’ testimonials HERE.


Noah’s Arc – ReBirth of a Jazz Singer


Noah’s Arc – ReBirth of a Jazz Singer is a short documentary that tells the story of Jazz Singer Noah Powell. From his humble roots in Kinston, NC, to touring with the likes of jazz great Stanley Baird, Noah was on a trajectory of musical heights.  His passionate, soulful voice was inspiring and moving. While achieving professionally, Noah’s personal life was heading in a downward spiral.  Noah was an addict and heroin was his drug of choice.  In his words, he “hit bottom and went through the trap door in the bottom”. Noah became a convicted felon and spent 18 months behind bars. Noah’s future looked bleak.

Noah’s Arc is the powerful and honest story of one man’s struggle to re-build his life and start again.  A moving tribute to the ability to overcome incredible obstacles and begin again, from nothing, and set a course of peace, love and redemption.


More about Noah – Noah is keeping alive the jazz vocal heritage of Jon Hendricks and Eddie Jefferson. Noah Powell is a native of Kinston NC and a graduate of NorthCarolina Central University (1983). As a working musician he has collaborated with some of the finest musicians in his native North Carolina. From 1984-86 Noah worked with Chip Crawford and in 1985 he replaced Nina Freelon as the vocalist for the William McLaughlin quartet later to be renamed Mastertrax. Noah joined the vocal group “A String of Pearls” directed by Ed. Paolantonio in 1986. Throughout the rest of the 80’s Noah did stints with Brother Yusuf Salim and the Scott Sawyer trio.  During the first half of the 1990s Noah was front-man for the Stanley Baird group. At the late 90s into early 2000, Noah collaborated with guitarist Bob Tapp.  Noah is currently collaborating with pianist Allison Wiener and performing throughout the triangle with his own unit.

Noah’s Arc FilmSite HERE

Watch –

In addition to professional crew, As Part of The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival’s School of Doc, incredible Durham, NC HS students shot, lit, interviewed, provided editorial input and were production assistants for this production.

Taste the Edge of the Triangle


It is with great pleasure that BeeryMedia.com was able to work closely with the Chapel Hill and Orange County Visitor’s Bureau to produce this ninety second spot that touts the great eateries in our area.  Yes, you will be left hungry, and yes, you need to visit us here in Orange County, NC! The great score is by local music legends Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher from The Squirrel Nut Zippers. Enjoy this, our latest digital film production.

Character Face – A New Short Film


Thirty years ago, I attended Ringling Bros. Clown College.  Here is our latest short film, a tribute to that school and the arena we learned in.  Happy Holidays! -Nic

Character Face – A Clown College Fantasy

Character Face takes us to the Venice, Florida Arena, where for thirty years Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus held their winter quarters and also ran their Clown College. Abandoned today, former Ringling Clown Nancy Osborn Berman visits and once again the arena becomes a place of wonder and magic, if only for a brief moment.

This film is dedicated to all Clowns, Circus Performers and Circus Fans who still hold onto the dream that is the circus.

Written, Directed and Edited by Nic Beery, (Clown College 1982)
Starring Nancy Osborn Berman, (Clown College 1982), Chuck “Chuck-O” Sidlow, (Clown College 1977) and Jonathan “Mitch” Freddes, (Clown College 1974)
Original Score by John Heitzenrater and as a bonus treat, listen to the score HERE!

Here is a short interview with Nic Beery in the Venice Arena immediately after the filming of Character Face. It is poignant, powerful and touching.

A nice article was written by Nancy Largent about Nic Beery and features his experiences at Clown College and in the Circus. Read it HERE.

The photo from the Sarasota Film Festival was taken the day after the Character Face shoot. One of our films, Finish Line, screened that day.

See photos and more about the making of the film and Clown College HERE.


Sayonara to Hello World Premiere

The Secret City Film Festival in Knoxville, TN will become sheer magic this weekend with the world premiere of our feature film on magician Steve Marshall. Sayonara to Hello screens at 5:30pm Sunday, September, 23rd.

There are a lot of things I can say about this film, but why not let Nancy Largent, from the Chapel Hill Recorder tell you all about the film and Steve in this excellent review of the film? “Nic Beery, Carrboro resident and highly acclaimed documentary filmmaker, has just released his first full-length feature film, Sayonara to Hello. This is a thoughtful, honest portrayal of a modern-day magician trying to make ends meet. Read it all HERE.

What?  We were on the radio too?  Yep, Frank Statio had Steve and I on his radio show, The State of Things, to discuss the film and our outrageous adventures.  He then had the amazing Doug Largent Trio on to play live and talk about the effects composing and recording the S2H soundtrack had on their psyche. Listen to Steve and me HERE, and listen to Doug Largent HERE.

While we’re at it, only if interested, learn more in this nice biography Nancy also did on my life.  “After a lifetime of adventures, Nic Beery, the founder of the Carrboro Film Festival, landed in Carrboro, North Carolina in 2005 by sheer luck. Fortunately for our community, he is here to stay.” Read the whole thing HERE.

As always, Sayonara to Hello is on sale in our merchandise section of BeeryMedia.com

September is a super big month for us here in the edit suite!  Thanks for your continued support.

Directing Reel

Beery Media just put together a demo reel that focuses on directing actors and dialogue.  It is exciting to see how snippets of films and productions work away from the whole film in which they are a part of.  I hope you enjoy this demo reel.

Sayonara to Hello now Available on DVD!

Available online HERE.

The magic has been bottled.  Our feature length doc that tells the story of one man and many dreams is now available on DVD and we couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for all of your support, and the film is inspiring and getting rave reviews.  Please consider buying a copy to support the arts and this production.

If you ever wanted to live your dream or recapture the magic of life, this film is for you.

Sayonara to Hello is a documentary about living your dreams.  Many times childhood dreams get set aside for the realities of life such as paying bills, taking care of others and obstacles that are set in front of us.

S2H is, at its core, the story of one man’s journey. Steve Marshall wanted to be a professional magician since he received his first magic trick as a christmas present when he was eight years old.

He has been a professional magician since we was 16 years old, performing magic for guests in the lounge of his local Holiday Inn in Florida.

That was 1981.  It’s now 2012 and Steve is still living his dream, no matter how hard it has been at times. And 2011 was hard.  His adopted country, Japan, was hit with a devastating earthquake, tsunami and aftershocks. Steve and his family were safe, but much of his work dried up.  Steve needed a plan to keep working.

S2H focuses on the travels of Professional Magician Steve Marshall as he returned to the US after fourteen years of living and performing in Japan’s best showrooms and on television.  Steve embarked on a month long east coast tour performing and giving lectures. Many of his routines were presented for the first time in English.

Joining Steve on this journey was his mentor, fellow performer Billy Scadlock.  Billy is a clown, Charlie Chaplin impersonator and mime.  On this trip he added to his resume the jobs of tour manager and driver.

Filmmaker Nic Beery documented this trip, but went way beyond the tour and performances themselves.  The film searches for what it takes to live a dream that originated in an eight year old boy 40 years ago.  How that decision has shaped Steve, what sacrifices he has made and how live performers are finding fewer and fewer places to perform in today’s hi-tech world.

Finally, the route Steve took during the tour was almost the same one he and filmmaker Nic Beery took in 1984 when they first met as clowns with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The documentary will feature archival footage of that tour and discuss what thirty years of life will do to you.

The tour and shoot was from September 3rd to October 1st, 2011.

Available online HERE.

Tokyo to hit 20k views!

Americana artist Tokyo Rosenthal asked BeeryMedia.com to produce his latest music video. It’s a great song titled “What Did I Used To Be?” about the current economic crisis. We are excited to report that not only has the tune and video garnered worldwide attention, it’s poised to hit 20,000 views by months end!

Featuring Chris Stamey and Will Rigby from power pop legends The DBs, this song is important and very catchy.  I think you’ll love it.

Cheers, Nic

Performed by Tokyo Rosenthal
Written by Tokyo Rosenthal
Directed by Nic Beery
Edited by Nic Beery & Matthew Krieg
Colorist Matthew Krieg
Cameras Nic Beery & Matthew Krieg
Production Assistants Rory Bradley, Liz Levitt & Dave Parent
Special Thanks to Mrs. B!
Produced by www.BeeryMedia.com for Rock & Sock Records

Tokyo Rosenthal- guitars, piano, vocals
Chris Stamey – Bass
Will Rigby – Drums
Allyn Love – Pedal Steel Guitar

Creativity is a Problem Solver

Erik at work
“Creativity is a problem-solver.” And it is unique to every person. How does it start and where does it go? Wood craftsman Erik Wolken ispired us during a recent visit to his shop. Enjoy this short doc we produced. Art, creativity and problem solving, all join together to make one whole.



The beauty of Hillsborough, NC

The Orange County Visitor’s Bureau asked us to spend some time in Hillsborough, NC with our cameras. What we found was beauty, community, food, drink and music. Hillsborough is a lovely town that I love to ride my bike and meet up with friends. Take a visit, you’ll be glad you did.

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